Animal Housecalls of Toronto
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Dec 17, 2013 stefany09

Amazing Service.  Animal housecalls is the ideal service for pet owners.  My cat is very nervous and just the sight of the carrier would put him into hiding.  With Animal Housecalls, he is able to get his yearly check ups in the comfort of his own home, which drastically minimizes his stress levels.  Dr. McGowan is incredibly caring and intuitive, as well as honest.  I actually look forward to my cats vet appointments with her.


Dec 3, 2013  sshatz 

For the past couple of years Animal Housecalls has been our vet and I have been extremely pleased with the service I receive.  Dr. McGowan is always able to come the same day I call when I have an issue.  Animal Housecalls always keeps the lines of communication open to see how my pets are doing and asks me to send regular updates so that they can monitor my cats situation and be on top of any issue.  Along with this both Dr. McGowan and her vet tech are extremely kind and make sure your animals receive excellent care in the comfort of your home.  I highly recommend using Animal Housecalls, it takes the stress away from your pet having to leave the house to go to the vet!


Dec 2, 2103  Ladybug 1622

Excellent service provided ..... caring and knowledgeable.... Sensitive towards pets condition highly recommended..